App Features 

Explore the desert and space adventures to discover more about the most amazing, fascinating person in the universe

Choose Character God for Kids

1. Choose your character...

There are 7 characters to choose from. That means up to 7 different children can play and their individual progress is saved. You get to name your character too...

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2. Tap on the desert adventure to play for free

The 3 others are the Trinity Adventures and require a in-app purchase to unlock (See bleow)

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Desert Adventure: God is Real (Free)

These are the Seven Stops on the desert adventure:

  1. Who is God?
  2. God is Invisible
  3. God Feels
  4. God Thinks
  5. God Chooses
  6. God is Good
  7. God is Love
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Space Adventure (In-App Purchase): God is Big

This adventure requires a one-off purchase to unlock - this is our way to raise funds for the final two adventures. The owners of God for Kids app do not make any profit from this app.

The 10 stops on the Space Adventure are:

  1. God is Big
  2. God is Forever
  3. God is Strong
  4. God is Everywhere
  5. God Knows Everything
  6. God is Kind
  7. God Keeps His Promises
  8. God is Family
  9. God is Generous
  10. God Never Changes
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The Jesus ADVENTURE and the Holy Spirit Map are currently under development

A successful crowdfunding campaign raised funds for the Jesus Adventure which will be ready at the beginning of 2019. All in-app purchases currently go towards raising funds for the final Holy Spirit Map. To be among the first to test the new adventures, please subscribe.

God is Invisible

3. Listen and play

Narrator Rü will guide you through each adventure with a series of questions and puzzles suitable for young children and introduce one Bible verse for each 'God characteristic'.

God for Kids Bible Verse this one...

(Used with Permission, see copyright page)

Space Adventure: God is Kind 


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4. Ask a Grown Up

Pause for time to chat with your child about all things silly and spiritual and use the 'Grown-up Tips' tab on the left for helpful hints and Bible references.

God for Kids maze

5. Find the sticker

Test your skills and navigate through the maze to find the sticker...

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Or solve the puzzle

In the space adventure the maze is replaced by a dot-to-dot. And just like the maze, it starts simple and gets a little bit trickier every time!

God for Kids desert sticker scene

6. Play with your stickers

Drag each new sticker onto the map and tap it for a fun sound effect. Play and arrange your stickers however you like for as long as you like, then tap the map to start the next adventure!

This is only the beginning...
may you never stop learning about God and growing in your personal relationship with God. To truly know God, is to love and trust God with all your heart, mind and strength.
— Joanne Gilchrist, creator of God for Kids app and author of 'Looking for Love'