God is Real: Building Bridges to help children understand the Bible

God's kingdom from God thinks

Kathryn Copsey, from CURBS Project says using the Bible with children is about “building bridges between the world of the child and the world of the Bible and then it’s helping children cross that bridge and make that connection their own so they can experience God’s love in a way that it comes alive for them” (Find it here in a Scripture Union training video)

So many God concepts are big and overwhelming – like, “God is invisible but real” or “God lives in heaven and He is on earth and you can invite Him to live in your heart” or “God is One and God is also Three”. They are actually impossible for little brains to grasp.

Building Bridges

God is Love

So in the God for Kids app, we don’t start with the big overwhelming concept but we start with somethings small and tangible that will be familiar to a kid.  For example, in God is Love we talk about the kinds of love they already know – the love for food, for pets and for people.


After that we build a bridge. We have already talked about love in a way they know – now we introduce the love of God which they may or may not know.

Then the Bible verse is introduced – not at the start of the devotional where you might expect it but in the middle – at the top of the bridge, as we are half way over. That Bible verse is the connection between what they know and what they are about to know.

God chooses Bible Verse

As we come down the other side of the bridge we mirror the first half – we ask the same kind of questions but this time they are about God, reinforcing the Bible verse and applying the meaning of the Bible verse to their lives.

Then, finally, we reach the other side with a prayer. A prayer that sums up the concept we have just learned and applies it to a child’s little life. No longer is this prayer about an unfamiliar concept – it has become tangible and digestible and applicable. The prayer is about real things like real love and it is to a real God, for their real life.

A little bit of what God is like, has just come into focus. Job Done.

To Try out God for Kids app on your phone or tablet go tap the link to the app store on your device from the list on this page.

Joanne Gilchrist