If God is really real, what is He like?

Why does the app God for Kids choose to begin the description of God with God is Invisible, God Feels, God Thinks, God Chooses, God is Good and God is Love? Are they the most important characteristics of God? Not necessarily. Are they the most fun or the most interesting? Possibly. Was I stuck for ideas? Definitely not!

When I first heard teaching on the Nature and Character of God, the list of God’s attributes were a mile long! So we separated them into three categories.

God’s Nature

These are attributes of God that belong to Him and only to Him. God has them and we don’t. When He made us in His image and likeness, these were not part of the package. They include

  • God is Omnipotent (Almighty or in the app we say Big and Strong)
  • God is Omnipresent (Everywhere)
  • God is Omniscient (Knows Everything)
  • God is Infinite (Forever)
  • God is Immutable (Never Changes)

Ahh you say- “but those who believe in Jesus will live forever, so it is not just a God characteristic.” Actually it is because we have a beginning and God doesn’t. There was never a day when God didn’t exist but there was a time when you or I didn’t. More about that in the “Forever” blog (Coming Soon).

Most of these characteristics are in the second adventure of God for Kids – God is Big. We could call them Father characteristics – the only reason I don’t is because I haven’t really explained God is Three and One by that point in the adventure and the app takes kids on a journey.


God’s Personality

The second Set of attributes can be called the personality which doesn’t mean extrovert or introvert or whatever – it means ‘That which makes Him a person’.

It could be defined as the attributes God has and we have. They include

  • Emotion (God Feels)
  • Intellect (God Thinks)
  • Volition/Will (God Chooses)

I find these aspects fascinating and can’t wait to write blogs on them.

Since we have these in common with God, I thought it fitting to put them in the first adventure under the title ‘God is Real.’ Everything about the app begins with familiar concepts that build a bridge to a more complex, spiritual one. See blog post ‘Building Bridges’.


God’s Character

These are attributes of God that we are to become. 

Attributes like:

  • good,
  • kind,
  • love,
  • fair,
  • just,
  • creative,
  • righteous,
  • holy,
  • happy (content and joyful),
  • faithful
  • … this list is almost endless.

God is the essence of each of these attributes and he wove them into the fabric of our DNA when he designed us. In the beginning, our characters would have magnified and reflected God’s character beautifully.

But it all went wrong when the first human beings were deceived. In one moment they forget who they were and doubt who God was (“Did God really say…?” said the snake) and so they chose to disobey God. It’s called sin. As a result, we no longer perfectly reflect these characteristics but we do still have them.

We are still able to be good, kind, loving, fair, just, righteous, holy, pure, happy, content, joyful and faithful but we are also able to be evil, unkind, cruel, afraid, bad, impure, imperfect, miserable and faithless. Some humans have demonstrated this is extreme ways but all of us have dabbled to some extent – not one of us is perfect.

These characteristics I will put into the ‘God is Jesus’ Adventure because Jesus demonstrated each of these perfectly and called us to follow Him and by doing so, become more like Him – more kind, more good, more loving, less fearful, less anxious, more fair and just, more brave and faithful, more joyful and content, making better decisions and becoming more and more Holy – just like Jesus. Just like the real people that we were designed to be in from the very beginning.

But of course, we can not do this alone. Trying really hard to be good and kind is ridiculously hard work and that is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit: cue the final adventure. In ‘God is Spirit’ we will see how, with His help, we can become more and more like Jesus till one day, through our faith in Him, we will live forever with the Father who is the source of all Good, all Love, all Justice, all Kindness, all Faithfulness, all Holiness, all Right living and all Joy.

Joanne Gilchrist