The Jesus Adventure

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What’s in the Jesus Adventure?

It wasn’t easy choosing just seven characteristics of Jesus to explore. There are so many incredible stories about Jesus but God for Kids is not a storytelling app. God for Kids is more like theology and the foundations of apologetics for kids BUT we don’t use those long, complicated, grown-up words. Instead we just ask - who is God and what is God like?

Instead we just ask - who is God and what is God like?

So since God for Kids begins with a whole adventure through the desert about how God is Real, the first characteristic of Jesus is:

  • Jesus is Real. He’s not made up and there’s heaps we can know about Jesus. (Spoiler alert, he probably wasn’t born on December 25th but that doesn’t mean he’s not real. In fact, apart from his actual birth date, we know a lot of stuff about Jesus’ birthday. Play and find out.) (Key Verses: Luke 2:10-12 & 20)

  • Jesus Shows Us God. God for Kids app is about what God is like and Jesus came to show us exactly that. We also touch on the idea of the trinity here - God is Three In One. (Key Verse: Colossians, 1:15)

  • Jesus Cares. Is Jesus just for grown-ups? Some people once thought so! But Jesus had something to say about that… (Key Verses: Mark 10:14&16)

  • Jesus was Tempted. This explores the fact that Jesus was both human (like us), and divine, (like God). When testing different ideas, this one was a favourite with the kids so it’s made the final cut. Maybe because they can relate to it? Can’t we all!?! (Key Verses: Mark 1:13 & Hebrews 2:18)

  • Jesus was Miraculous. Who doesn’t love a miracle? Jesus didn’t just talk the talk but he walked the walk too. (Key Verses: Luke 7:21-22)

  • Jesus Forgives. Only God can forgive sins and Jesus forgives sins. What is sin? What is forgiveness? Why do we need it and why would we want it? It’s all in here… (Key Verses: Acts 13:39)

  • Jesus Saves. Who do you call when the world needs saving? The Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ! This is the gospel and the Christian worldview in a nutshell for 5-8 year olds. They might want to play through this one a few times. (Key Verses: John 3:16-17)

The Holy Spirit Adventure

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Studying what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit for this app has been fascinating and inspirational! What has really stood out is how all the information we have about the Holy Spirit is directly related to how we can live & do the things we believe & say. So this adventure is extremely practical and a lot of fun!

What Is In the Holy Spirit Adventure?

  • Holy Spirit is a Real Person. Following the theme of God is real and Jesus is real, we really explore that God is three in one and the Holy Spirit is not a force or a feeling but a person. (Key Verses: 1 Corinthians 2:10, Isaiah 63:10, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

  • Holy Spirit Loves. We know God is love but how can we feel that Love? When you read about the Holy Spirit in the Bible it becomes very clear that whenever the Holy Spirit is around feelings and thoughts of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope are sure to follow. (Key Verses: Romans 5:5 & 15:13)

  • Holy Spirit Lives In You. Kids often want to know where God lives. Let’s solve this mystery…. (Key Verses: John 14:16-17)

  • Holy Spirit Helps. Jesus called the Holy Spirit a helper so this explores all the ways He helps. In fact, without the Holy Spirit’s help, we really can’t know who God is or what God is like at all. (Key Verse: John 14:26)

  • Holy Spirit Changes Us. Following Jesus isn’t about saying one quick prayer but a lifetime of getting to know Him and becoming more like Him. The Holy Spirit is the one who makes that happen. (Key Verses: Galatians 5:22-23)

  • Holy Spirit Speaks. While the Holy Spirit has many things to say, here we focus on the most important thing that the Holy Spirit reassures us of deep, deep down in our hearts: that those who believe in Jesus are children of God. (Key Verse: Romans 8:16)

  • Holy Spirit Invites. For the final stop on the last adventure we turn to Revelation where the Holy Spirit Invites people to COME! But he doesn’t do it alone. With the Holy Spirit’s help, who can you invite to know God better? (Key Verses: Acts 1:8, Revelation 22:17)