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Inspire Magazine Review Page 6-7 Issue 114 July/August 2017

Inspire Magazine Review Page 6-7 Issue 114 July/August 2017

God for Kids app review 2

By Kate, Mum of Two Girls, UK

“The app was fun, friendly and cheerful. I liked the grown up questions as they gave me lots to think about.

“After I showed them how to open the app (they’re not used to playing on iPads) they could navigate it by themselves but I would prefer to do the activities together as a family, after dinner, before bedtime.

“We don’t usually read the Bible or use Bible apps (but occasionally go along to church activities) so this app was very interesting and my girls responded very well to all aspects – the multiple choice questions, drag and drop puzzles, ask-a-grown-up questions, the maze and the sticker scene.”

God for Kids App Review 1

By Rachel, Mum of 2 boys and 1 girl, UK2


“I like the way it reads the questions to the children but also lets them have a go at reading easier words for themselves. It’s very encouraging because it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong. You just get another go.

“The children enjoyed the app. They find it fun finding things in the maze. Though they struggled a little bit with the maze at first, they worked it out and enjoyed getting things right and learning new things.

“It’s definitely something to do as a family and you can think of the answers together.

“We like playing it after school. Sometimes the children are a bit tired then but usually they engage really well with it

“I think the music and the graphics are very engaging

“It’s just a really nice way to get them interested in God and using the technology that they engage with.”

God for Kids app review 3

By Nikki, Mum of 1 boy & 1 girl, UK

“I have a 6 and a 4 year old who play daily on our android phones or tablet. While we read the Bible regularly with them, we don’t use any kid-friendly Bible apps so playing this app was a first for us. It was appealing and friendly and put things into a language the kids would understand.

“The lion character was their favourite and they loved the maze section at the end the best.

“Our 4 year old needed quite a few prompts from us but the 6 year old could play alone so I would see this as app as something to do together with my kids at bedtime or after dinner.

“They fast-paced through the ‘Ask-a-Grown-Up’ questions but I found they really made me think. Next time I would use the Grown-Up Tips sidebar a bit more too.

“Overall I found the app to have a friendly approach and I look forward to using it as an activity to do with my kids.”


By Carys, Mum of 3 girls, UK

“The God for Kids app is fun, engaging and interactive. It’s about the Bible and God and Jesus. It’s good to do together as a family and to discuss the questions together.

“We would usually play it after school. Each of the girls has got their own profile so they can take turns.

“The children’s favourite parts are the bits where you put the “good words” in the treasure chest and the “bad words” in the bin and the maze. But the younger one needed some help with the maze.

“I like the child’s voice on it. It makes it a lot more appealing for the kids.

“I think it works best on a tablet.

“It’s definitely a good app and we enjoyed it.”

God For Kids Review in Baptist Times

Review of God for Kids by Jonathan Bishop, Associate Minister for Children and Youth at Croxley Green Baptist Church, published in the Summer 2016 edition of Engage Magazine, the free Quarterly Magazine from BMS World Mission.