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Bible-based Kids app for iOSand Android
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God for Kids is a Bible-based app free to download on iOS and Android

to help primary-age kids and their grown-ups discover who God is and What God is like

One adventure, one characteristic, one Bible verse at a time

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Our Mission

To help kids learn about and understand God of the Bible by building bridges through fun interactivity

& to help equip grown-ups to share their own faith with their children and answer those tricky questions

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Parent Blog

In our blog you will find articles that explore the same topics covered in the app, but in much greater detail. 

These blogs are written for grown ups so you can talk to your kids about God and maybe even answer their fantastic questions!

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Author Bio

God for Kids was created by Joanne Gilchrist; a mum of three amazing daughters and a desire to lead her children to Christ.

“God for Kids began with me and my kids. Because of my desire as a writer and Christian to ‘Know God and Make Him Known’, I wrote activity-based devotions for us to do together.

“Each night at bedtime, I would test my ideas with my kids. I used paper, colouring pens, questions, puzzles and pictures plus a big dose of fun. The girls really enjoyed learning about God this way and we had a lot of fun together.

“But, when I asked other Mums to try my ‘activity-devotions’ with their kids, I got a mixed response. It seemed like parents loved the content but, for some children, using paper and pens in a technology-based world just wasn’t engaging enough.

“Then one of my Mum-friends said: ‘Have you thought about an app?'”

Of course! To reach as many kids as possible, something bigger than paper and pens was needed. And here’s why:

“I believe, like the Bible translator William Cameron Townsend, that God speaks to us in our own language. That includes children. Technology is a world kids understand. It is a world they get excited about. And even though the message of the Bible hasn’t changed, the way we hear it and understand it changes all the time.”

So as a result, the God for Kids app was born! It contains an age-old gospel message but shared in a brand new, tech-savvy way.

Most of all, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy grown-up – we’ve done that bit for you. You just need to download, snuggle up with your kid, and explore together. And don’t forget to have fun!

Joanne Gilchrist is also the author of the book Looking for Love, published by Malcolm Down Publishing